— Viktor S.
Wow! What a great experience! My first float helped the fingers on my right hand close.
I am always looking for a way to escape and I have never experienced anything like this. It was amazing. It completely washed away my stress and worries.
— Mike J.
What a great float. It was a much needed break from reality.
— Chad U.
Amazing! It was like a mini vacation. The only thing missing was the margarita! :) I will DEFINITELY be back!
— Jennifer H.
“I floated for 60 minutes and after a time, I started realizing I was not in any pain. I decided that if I was just pain free for the 60 minutes that I was floating that would be a relief and worth it. When I got out, I was pain free. I was upbeat which is odd since I have the depression that comes to all of us who suffer with chronic illnesses. I was pain free for almost 3 days and I was cheerful. I went shopping with my daughter something I had not been able to do for awhile.
— Diane C.
So Awesome! What a great experience. I loved every moment. I will be back! I so needed to get away from from this crazy world for myself I felt the tension in my body released as every minute passed.
— Lisa L.
I never felt anything like this before. What an experience! I can’t wait to come back!
— Jess B.
— Jessie W.
Amazing experience! It was my first float and I feel giddy afterwards. I am so excited to bring floating into my meditation practice. It is a wonderful way to calm my mind that likes to run a million miles an hour. Thank you so much!
— Stephanie F.
“People are freaked at the idea of sensory deprivation, but I have been trying to explain that it doesn’t have to be like that. One doesn’t have to be in absolute darkness and one doesn’t have to be entombed without sound. Nor does one need to feel like he/she should achieve a meditative phase. It is not a competition.

The “spin” that I put on it that seems to help people to open their minds is, just to think of it as all the best parts of being in a pool or the ocean. The human body loves being in water, but it can be a hassle to pack up and go to the pool or to a beach, it can be soul-crushing to shop for swimsuits, body image shame might prevent you from even getting off the lounge chair, the crowds can be off-putting, too many half-naked strangers in too close of proximity to you, the water is cold at first, etc. But we all want to get into the water. We try to luxuriate in bathtubs, long, hot sowers, safe within the privacy of our own homes, but distractions are still present and it’s just not the same thing as the full joy of a pool or ocean.

Floating is the best parts of that without any of the bad. It’s private, it’s warm, it’s quiet it’s not a chore or task, your mind doesn’t have to work at it, your body doesn’t have to work at it. You are doing something so brave and wonderful. Thank you so much!”
— Elizabeth L.