Jacque Fresco: HUMAN


Jacque Fresco is a human who cannot be summarized in a few words. He is often described as a "futurist", but that one word doesn't do him justice. Jacque has a way of seeing the world as it truly is, derived from a deep understanding of the problems that plague modern society. He is able to explain these problems and illuminate solutions for our collective benefit. Like many great humans who work to improve the conditions for all humanity, they are seldom appreciated while they are alive.  

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,
then they fight you, then you win
— Unknown

    Last year  we took a quick trip down to Florida to visit family and to meet Jacque and his partner Roxanne Meadows at the Venus Project for one of their monthly seminars.

    At 100 years old, Jacque cohosted the seminar with his partner Roxanne Meadows. The two of them shared ideas on how to improve the world through intelligent urban design, innovative construction techniques and most importantly a "resource based economy." This system would be an evolution from the current monetary system, which as many of us know is already failing.  He explained that future generations will deem this current system completely inadequate.

Some of Jaque's Building Designs at his home in Venus, FL

Some of Jaque's Building Designs at his home in Venus, FL

    In this new system, all of the Earth's resources would have a common heritage. Preserving the environment and maintaining a higher quality of life for ALL humanity will trump individual monetary interests. Love and compassion will be woven into the very fabric of the society. This would be the win-win solution to our inefficient socioeconomic class struggle that is perpetuated by our current system. Money would become obsolete. Humanity would evolve at a tremendous pace to unprecedented levels that we cannot achieve, much less understand under our current system of socioeconomic organization.

    Jacque has designed and built hundreds of models; ranging from homes to skyscrapers, excavators, ships, planes and everything else a modern city would need to function. He envisioned cities where space is maximized for humans to thrive with little negative impact on natural ecosystems. Many of his models are currently on display at The Baker Museum in Naples, FL. The exhibit is called: Jacques Fresco 100 Years of Vision . If you find yourself in Naples, do not miss it!

We are happy to have been able to say a sincere "THANK YOU" personally to a human that worked all his life for the betterment of all HUMANITY!

We took our time publishing this post, feeling that our words would not be enough to paint a picture that would capture the essence of who Jacque was.

   We say "WAS" because like everything in this universe,

Jacque was impermanent. 

Jacque Fresco died on the morning of May 18th 2017 at The Venus Project, Venus, FL, his home for the past 38 years.

Like many great humans before him, his work will not be lost or in vain. 

     Future generations will learn about Jacque and wonder, just as our generation looks back at our past great teachers and say: "Why couldn't they understand? The solutions were there the whole time!" 

“If you want a better world you have to work towards it. If you do nothing, nothing will happen.” 

Jacque Fresco 1916-2017


Thank YOU again Great Teacher and Great Human! 

    Below we have posted a few of Jacque's talks. Jacque tackles difficult questions head on. He does not skirt issues and tries to explain everything in terms that everyone can understand.  The way he thinks, and how any intelligent human does, is that if you can prove him wrong, everyone will win! This is not the usual "my way or the highway" thinking. This is rational thinking, not ego driven thinking. If you are not prepared to think from a rational place, so that you can start to understand the way our current culture and society is lacking and deficient,  then we suggest you stop here!  You must be willing to listen to new information, process it, debate it. You can do it! 

Read all about Jacque's here

The Best that Money Can't Buy - Beyond Politics Power, Poverty & War

The Greatest Talk of Jacque Fresco: The Venus Project
Part of the Venus Project event in London held in October 2009. Full video: http://vimeo.com/7866864
Jacque discusses "what is depression?" and talks about elements of self-image and identification that produces a low self-sufficiency. Covers how projections create disappointment, how "looking within" rarely works, and shows how certain reward/reinforcements often provide only palliative help. Discusses the importance of learning new things and gaining predictability when dealing with depression.

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