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Stop the Analysis Paralysis

Why do we get analysis paralysis? It's simply insane... Think about it....You can talk yourself out of ANYTHING!

It took us 5 months to build Anicca Float Club from the day we signed our lease and it took us another 5 months to get our prices displayed up at the front desk! Had we waited for perfection before we opened our doors we would not have floated so many awesome people in the last 5 months!

We as humans, have this tendency to only want to share our gifts with the world when we think they are perfect. We think that everyone else has it all figured out and is producing perfection already (MYTH!!) What we don't realize is what we have created in its raw essence is already beautiful and unique to the rest of the world. So why are we all too afraid to release our beautiful visions into the world? 

Let it go.  Just do it.  Forget about perfection. The new you starts HERE. GO UNLEASH IT INTO THE WORLD NOW! 

We finally have float pricing signage at Float Club!

We finally have float pricing signage at Float Club!

Learning (just about EVERYTHING) as we go...

We missed a week with all the holiday hustle and bustle, but we are BACK! :)

When we made the decision to open our first small business there were so many things that needed to get done. There were mountains of decisions that needed (and still need) to be made. We quickly realized that there are two choices when it comes to making things happen:

 1) Pony up the cash and pay someone to do it all for us. (MUCHO DINERO!)

2)  Dust the cobwebs of our thirty something cerebral cortices and do it ourselves.

It's the classic time verses money dilemma. Unless one has access to unlimited financial resources, Option #1 starts to add up pretty quickly!  So we found ourselves on the fast track to learn everything from corporate structures and bookkeeping to website design and general contracting. At first the learning curve was steep, but we threw ourselves in head first and just DID IT! There was no other way, as there was no entourage or jolly leprechaun showering us with gold coins to make things happen. The power of the interwebs, the old fashioned public library, friends and bacon (OH YES BACON!) helped fuel our quest.

In the middle of this rapid upload of knowledge, it dawned on us that learning is about getting over that point where we feel stupid and helpless. The greatest hurdle to learning is purely emotional! How many times can we get to that point of frustration, realize it is only temporary and push through?! (Ahem... ANICCA!)

When we conquer that fear of feeling stupid, it becomes more natural to tear down or float over the next challenging wall that stares us down. Knowledge is power.  When you take it upon yourself to learn a new skill, the knowledge you gain is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.   That knowledge is money in your personal bank account that nobody can touch!

Cheers to a New Year where we shed our emotional boundaries, fire up our synapses and embrace the life that only happens at the edge of our comfort zones.