Yes, I said it... JUST GET NAKED! :)

One of the questions we get asked almost daily at Anicca Float Club is,  "Do I have to wear a bathing suit in the float room?"  We realize that most news stories (with the exception of the Getting Tanked: One Writer's  60 minutes in Sensory Deprivation Vogue Story) depict floaters in a bathing suits. Even we are guilty of having pictures of people in swimsuits on our website so the nudity police don't slap us on the wrists.

However, when asked about wearing a swimsuit in the float room, our resounding response, "The only suit you need at AFC is your birthday suit!" You have your own private shower and your own private float room, no one will see you or bother you during your float session.  

When you are trying to deeply relax anything that creates any sensations on the body has the potential to distract from the experience.

  • Your swim suit will create pressure points on the body that will give your brain something to analyze during your float.  
  • Your bathing suit will definitely be a salty mess when you get out (something you don't want to have to fiddle with when you want to enjoy your post flow glow.)
  • Your suit has the potential to bring in dirt and bacteria from the outside world.

If you are really uncomfortable with the idea of floating in the nude you can always pick up a swim suit that you only use in the float tank or for a more economic option try Swimeeze. They make disposable tyvek swimsuits. If this is the route you prefer, definitely size up so that the suit is not tight or constricting on your body in anyway.

In a society where nudity is taboo and where people constantly feel shamed for just being in their own skin, the float room is the antidote. The float room is a judgement free zone. The float room is a safe space where one can let all that go and just BE. So go ahead, cultivate a little self love and relax in the skin the beautiful skin that you were given. GET NAKED and let's get floating already!