Hello, Self. It is I – Me.

The experience of floating at Anicca so far: Hello, I. It’s Me. Hello, Me. It is I. Here I am. 44 years old – at least as measure in human-defined time – and meeting myself in all raw nakedness [again] – literally, physically - and mentally, emotionally, spiritually, as well. No outside distractions. No exterior pretensions. No eyes of judgment. No persona or image to uphold. Just I and me… and some water – my non-judgmental, elemental friend holding me ever so gently, floating effortlessly in blissful defiance of the weight of the world as my other friend I know so well – gravity - is removed from the equation.

The first time I met myself in this same raw nakedness was many years ago in my mother’s womb, when my consciousness first inhabited this physical congregation of molecules, atoms, cells, organs, nerves, vessels, tissues, bones – an arrangement we call a human being. I have always been me – since the first spark of life was ignited from two cells creating a third – but, I have not always known me. The authentic self has been compromised along the way. Influenced and programmed by others. Imprisoned by the self. And as Don Miguel Ruiz and Toltec Wisdom teaches, “Domesticated.” The me who is me all along has been forgotten, awaiting patiently the highly anticipated moment to be reunited with true love. To re-discover the me, that is I.


And here I am – again. Today. Floating. Wild and Free. Free from any constraints - meeting the self - as in birth [of my consciousness] – for the very, first time. This time flying truly solo – without the need for my mother for life and separated safe and sound within a womb. Somewhere, within my memory is the memory of knowing this true self – even though I have no concrete memories of those first moments of life, or even the 9-months duration and into my early years. Perhaps some people have concrete memories of thoughts from this time, but I do not. I have participated in a re-birthing process some time ago in my early twenties, and while powerful and perhaps glimpses of cellular memories were accessed through feelings, notions and micro flashes of images and thoughts – who is to say for certainty - this process offered a renewed birth just as every float experience I believe creates a new birth with the opportunity to meet your Self for the very first time… again.

“Hello, Self. It is I – Me. So nice to meet you, once more. How lovely you are. How lovely this life truly is. This one breath. This one heartbeat. It is all that I have – all that I am. And, it is really so lovely.” And, as I go out into the world, I meet all others – I meet life – for the very first time… again. Every experience, wilder and freer – from the constraints of influences, programming, domestication. From the chains of self that imprison. Free to be me. Free to love this Self, for this Self loves. Floating allows us to remember who we are. And who we are, is Pure Love.

© 2015, William Bennett

William Bennett is a father, an avid floater, massage therapist/bodyworker, Qigong and yoga practitioner, creator of the heart-baked and handmade Uncle Will-E's Crack-a-lackin' Lip Smacking' Kick A$$in' Gluten Free Granola. He is also a writer and co-creator of Creative Compassionate Consciousness and a lover of the continual exploration of the being in human being, and of the space in-between.