Our Journey to Open a Float Center...

I will never forget standing in the lobby of Lincoln Hall at the Float Conference in Portland last August gazing up at the “timeline to open a float center” that was printed by the Float On Crew.  I looked at that with my husband and thought, “No big deal, we can totally pull this off! 4 months? Do you really think it will take that long?” HAAA!!!!

Well hindsight is 20/20 and we are now 13 months wiser and counting!!  So here is a general overview of The Anicca Float Club Timeline. Keep in mind we were both working FULL time jobs during this process.  We farmed a semi-commercial plot of land as part of the Future IL Fruit and Vegetable Grower Program.  I teach yoga on the side for Core Power and Yoga by Degrees.  And we got hitched during this entire process. :)

March/April 2014:

  • The dream to open our own Float Center is conceived. We have  both completed Vipassana Courses and floated a few times. We have decided it is completely amazing tool to help others.  Why aren’t there more Float centers?!?
  • We start doing some research on floating and discover there is a Float Conference.
  • We purchase the domain name www.floatnaperville.com

May 2014:

  • We research and ponder.
  • We are in the middle of remodeling a foreclosure, selling my house, moving and getting ready to farm for the summer. All of this is in addition to our full time jobs and teaching my yoga classes.

June 2014:

  • We are researching and planning:
    • How much $$ is this going to take?
    • What pod or tank are we going to use?
    • How many do we want to have?
  • Have we lost our minds?!
  • Pass the falafel please... :)

July 2014:

  • We purchase Float Conference tickets to expedite our learning process.
  • We start business planning.
  • Create spreadsheets to figure out monthly profits and monthly expenses to see how many floats/month we need to sustain the business.

   August 2014:

  • Attend Float Conference and Workshop. This is an AMAZING experience. A MUST DO for anyone even thinking about opening a Float Business!
  • Evaluate  Pod, Tank and Float Room companies: Dream Pods, Isopods, Float Pods, Ocean Float Rooms, Samadhi Tanks, Escape Pods and At Peace Rooms.
  • Decide to get married.—I mean why not throw one more life altering event into the mix?!   

September 2014:

  • Do the Apprenticeship with Float On.
  • Incorporate Anicca Float Club, Inc.
  • Start looking for commercial real estate.
  • Find the space we want to be home of Anicca Float Club!
  • Purchase domain www.aniccafloatclub.com
  • Create our design and logo.
  • Create our Launch Rock page.
  • Start looking for an architect.

October 2014:

  • Visit Silver Essence Float Spa in Williamsville, NY to Float in Craig Silver's “Wave Rooms.”
  • Figure out how we want to configure the space.
  • Go through several rounds of drawings and revisions with the architect.
  • Sign lease.
  • Put our 50% deposit down on the Float Rooms.


November 2014:

  • Get married! <3 <3
  • Evaluate contractors and get bids for the job.
  • Drawings are finalized and submitted to the city for permits.
  • Build our website.
  • Remove everything from our space that does not belong (ceiling tiles, all doors, trim, carpet, bathroom fixtures, lights, etc)
  • Set up our Mind Body Online Booking System.
  • Planning, planning, planning….

December 2014:

  • December 1st: Permits approved and paid in full.
  • Plumbing crew cuts concrete, prepares the trenches and lays our new pipes.
  • Electrical work commences.
  • Order 6,000 pounds of salt from SF Salt Company.
  • Pass all plumbing inspections.
  • Start Pre-selling float packages for the Holidays.
  • Commence operation rebuild the walls in our space.
  • Visit Art of Floating, Bloomsburg, PA and Aspire Center, NYC.

January 2015: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Receive 6,000 pounds of UPS Epsom salt from SF Salt Co.
  • Pass our rough electrical inspection.
  • Start to hang drywall/fix all the walls that we demolished.
  • Install Hot water heater and a water filtration system for the entire facility.
  • Choosing color pallet and finalizing theme for the space.
  • PAINT!
  • Float rooms are installed.
  • Showers are installed.

February 2015:

  • Settle on final light configurations.
  • Epoxy floor arrives frozen (HOORAY for the Illinois Winter!) and we have to hold off on the install which sets everything back 2 weeks. 
  • Install doors and trim.

March 2015:

  • Finish floors in lobby and hallway.
  • Final inspections.
  • Replacing ceiling tiles and additional insulation.
  • Finishing/purchasing all the furniture and décor.
  • Earn our Certificate of Occupancy and...
  • SOFT OPEN MARCH 28TH, 2015!  

THE JOURNEY CONTINUES!   This certainly isn’t every single little thing has happened along the way, but it is the BIG stuff. Hours and hours of research and planning went into our decisions. I am not kidding, no one saw or heard from us for most of the winter. We were in Float Center Owner Hibernation! Many hours were spent watching “DIY You Tube Videos” , friends and family came from all different backgrounds and specialties to offer some helpful advice.

Now that we have cut our teeth on this whole experience, we truly understand what it takes! We are our own general contractor, painter, tile layer, designer, marketer, interior decorator, blogger, accountant, etc..(we think you get the idea!)  All I have to say is the best way to learn anything is to JUST DO IT. Stop making excuses, stop procrastinating… JUST DO IT!  The best time to start something was X years ago… the second best time is NOW.

QUESTIONS?! Feel free to reach out to Float Serv and Anicca Float Club!

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