Why a Float Club?

As my  husband and I started to discuss names for our future Float Center the first and most obvious choice was "Float Naperville". It was short, to the point, gave our business location and what we would be offering. We snatched up the domain name and didn't think about it for a few more months- DONE!

The problem was that Float Naperville was not personal and it did not resonate with us at a deeper level. We went back to our roots and the impetus behind our desire to open a floatation therapy business and we knew that ANICCA (A-nee-cha) had to be a part of it. We did not care if anyone could spell it or even pronounce it because we want every person who walks through our door to learn about Anicca, develop his/her own understanding of it and perhaps even feel compelled to tell others about it.

Now that "Anicca Float". . . . was settled it was still missing something: Anicca Floats, Anicca Float Center, Anicca Float Spa.

Again, these didn't resound with us either. "Center" felt too institutional. "Spa" seemed deceptive as we would not be offering manicures, facials and the whole array of services that  traditional spas feature. We also did not want to alienate any male clientele as many spas target female audiences.

Feverishly texting one morning it finally came to us, "ANICCA FLOAT CLUB".  A title that would be all inclusive,  a place where you have your "monthly meeting"  (or more frequently) with a Float Room, to help you unwind your mind, relax your muscles, boost your creativity and a whole array of benefits one experiences when one commits to float regularly.  The people who commit to float monthly will also be given additional benefits beyond just doing something wonderful for your body and your mind.  

We will have exclusive offers, complimentary Far Infrared Sauna sessions and more for our Club Members.  When we get up and running, we would like to host free monthly meditation meetups. Simply a place where we people can support each others meditation practice and learn more about Vipassana which has been in the inspiration for Anicca Float Club from the very beginning.

Who is ready to join the Float Club?!