Decisions, Decisions, DECISIONS...

We made the decision to Open a Float Club.... GREAT! Now there are only about 8,769 more decisions to make before we can open our doors! (Nope, I am not kidding!) Where will you open? What tanks, pods or ROOMS will you offer?  Will there be additional services? Retail? Oxygen? Aromatherapy? Singing parakeets?! The list of ideas will go on and ON!

For anyone who knows me personally, making decisions has never been my forte. As a child I would sit in the aisle at the toy store contemplating whether I should get the grey Sylvanian bunny family or the white Sylvanian bunny family? 20 minutes would pass and I would still be running scenarios in my head such as; What if one bunny family was more fun to play with than the other?, Would the grey Bunny family get along with the grey Bear Family? Will the grey Bunnies look good in the daisy yellow outfits I already have?

Fast forward to my 20s and I went through a phase where I never ordered less than 2 appetizers at a restaurant. Forget about choosing a single main course, I wanted to hedge my bets with small plates. The result, I ate at a lot of tapas!

You must be thinking that I have out grown of this childish indecision by now, right?!  Well... in my head I have improved, but I still treat the average yes or no question with multiple choice answers. (A habit that baffles my spouse to no end.) :)

What BIG decision has Anicca Float Club made this week?! Well after much pondering and many, MANY quotes... we have decided that we will not have a patchwork quilt shower made of Corian, Onyx, Acrylic and 2 different styles of tile.  We will not have 4 different shower styles either! We will have custom built acrylic showers. We will have no grout to clean and no sneaky places to harbor germs. Our oversized shower bases will be non-slip and there will be grabby bars for all the clumsy people out there like ME!

Whew... Now what is for dinner?!  Tapas anyone?