FLOAT SERV for Commercial Needs

So you think you want to open a float center?!  Come spend a day with Anicca Float Club to learn the ins and outs, ups and downs of what it takes to plan, build and run a floatation therapy tank business!  Float Serv is Anicca Float Club's Consulting side! 

We built Anicca Float Club from the ground up. Lately, we have so many people come visit our center and everyone asks the same questions: How did you do it? What does it take?  Answer: We spent hours, days and months researching and planning to create our center. We attended the Float Conference and Workshop. We did the FloatOn Apprenticeship and pulled together knowledge from Float Centers we visited across the country to help us create Anicca Float Club. We poured our heart and soul into everything floating! 

Do you want experience a day (or two) in the life of Anicca Float Club?  At Anicca Float Club are Owner/Operators.   Come ask your questions,  experience what it's like to run a float center first hand. Of course no day at Float Center would be complete without a float in our Float Rooms.  

We have different courses/schedules for different purposes!

  • Owner/Operator Training and Employee Training courses.
  • Daily/weekly float tank maintenance.

  • Float Center Logistics.

  • How to choose your Equipment.

  • How to design and build your float center.

  • Programs to help you run your center.

  • What it really takes to make it happen!

Contact us at 630-854-7385 for additional information.